Should I move from Oracle Forms to ADF?

Even though this question has been asked and answered a million times, it still pops up on various forums regularly. It’s not that difficult:

Oracle Forms or ADF?

If you end up on the right-hand side of this flowchart, you start at the JDeveloper ADF Getting Started Guide to learn ADF.

If you end up on the left-hand side of this flowchart:

  1. Don’t buy a tool to automagically “convert” your Forms application to ADF or other new technologies.
  2. Think about whether a modern Look and Feel for your Forms applications is what you need – see “Ten Years Younger – The Oracle Forms Makeover” by Grant Ronald
  3. If you need your Oracle Forms application to participate in a modern IT architecture, read “The Future of Forms is – Forms (and some friends)” by Lucas Jellema and Grant Ronald.

See? I told you it wasn’t hard.