Internet Explorer and ADF: Not Friends

One of the advantages to using commercial, fully supported framework like Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is that the vendor supplies a list of supported browsers. If something doesn’t work or doesn’t look right, it’s the vendor’s problem.

When we started a recent project, we initially made sure that our ADF 11.1.x pages looked OK in Internet Explorer and Firefox. As expected, no problems. So we started building our application, and the developers used Firefox and Chrome because of the superior tooling these browsers offer for web developers.

However, as has happened in other applications, one screen mutated into the dreaded “one-screen-to-rule-them-all” page allowing a power user to see and change almost every data item in the entire system. And while Firefox and Chrome were able to render our panels inside tabs inside panels inside accordions inside panels, Internet Explorer had to give up at some point.

Lesson learned:

ADF allows the developer to write cheques that Internet Explorer can’t cash.

Have your developers run their pages in IE every day in order to see where you meet the limitations of Internet Explorer. It’s much easier to fix the issues during development than during QA…