Oracle has just announced a new Oracle Database Appliance, this time with WebLogic. So if you are looking to move to WebLogic and want a high availability environment, read on.

Like the previous editions of the Oracle Database Appliance, this is a physical 4-U rack mounted box that comes with a standard software bundle – new is that WebLogic is included. You connect power and network and run the setup wizards to install the pre-packaged database and weblogic bundles and have a high availability environment up and running in a day.

You should definitely consider this option if all of the following apply:

  • You are moving to WebLogic (because you have started building ADF applications or are moving to Forms 11g)
  • You want a high availability environment
  • You are not very familiar with managing WebLogic (especially in a HA environment)

What does it cost, you ask? Well, it’s a standard HA environment, so it’s Enterprise Edition of both database and WebLogic. You’ll pay $60K for the hardware, $47.5K/CPU for the database EE, $10K/CPU for RAC One (or $23K for full RAC) and $25K for WebLogic EE. So, say you want to start with 4 cores of DB with RAC One & 4 cores of WebLogic, you’ll have to shell out $225K.

Interestingly, this system has pay-as-you-grow licensing – so if you want more cores, you pay up and and are good to go immediately (until you are using all the 24 cores in the machine). This is a one-way street as is usual with Oracle licenses; you can’t go back to fewer cores.