How One Man Killed the Cloud

While I was not surprised that the U.S. intelligence agencies monitor web activity, I was surprised at the scale revealed by the Edward Snowdon leaks.

If there are still American cloud providers that do not routinely provide the NSA with wholesale access to their customers’ data, it will only be a matter of time before they do. Every company in the U.S. is legally required to hand over “business records” and can’t tell anybody that they do. This means that it does not help to place your data on Oracle’s European servers – because they are an American company, they already are or will soon be giving all your business records to the NSA.

There are more than one million Americans with Top Secret clearance. With the U.S. intelligence apparently not very intelligent about who gets access to what (re: WikiLeaks), are you certain that not one person among these might be tempted to access your confidential, cloud-stored information for personal gain?

Remind me again why I want to place all my business transactions, personnel records and sales opportunities on a server where one million unknown people have access? The public cloud is dead.