When strong incentives meet weak oversight

Team Oracle was just caught cheating in the America’s Cup.They’ve been penalized some money (but Larry won’t notice), but also won’t get points for the first two races they win. And they’ve lost some expelled crew members. http://www.sail-world.com/USA/Americas-Cup:-Cheating-doesnt-pay-but-cheats-do/114036

The CEO basically said: “It was just some crew members and we didn’t know they did it”. This kind of inappropriate behavior is what happens when incentives are very strong, but oversight is weak.

The same situation of strong incentives and weak leadership can be seen in the Oracle Sales organization. Some people will rather force superfluous licenses down a customer’s throat or perform questionable license audits than listen to what the customer needs. This kind of behavior will only work for a limited period of time and is one reason Oracle’s famously aggressive sales force is now having a hard time meeting its numbers.