If you can dream it…

A new startup called Coin has just started offering a credit-card sized electronic gizmo that will store any number of credit cards. In theory, you will be using your Coin card just like any other credit card or loyalty card that uses a magnetic stripe.

There are already thousands of people all over the Internet arguing why this can’t possibly work. But that’s completely besides the point.

The important point that Coin illustrates is that the Internet and crowdfunding allows any disruptive idea a hearing in the marketplace. If they can persuade enough people to pre-order one, it will become reality. It might flop. Or it might be the next great thing.

You don’t need to do market research to figure out what people want  … you just have to wait and see what nonexistent products the people are raising millions for all on their own.

If you can dream it, crowdfunding and flexible manufacturing can allow you to build it.

I’ve ordered mine.