Fewer crashes with JDeveloper 12c (12.1.2)

If you are working with JDeveloper 12c (12.1.2), you will probably have experienced quite a few crashes – I had several during my the live demos in my presentations at the UKOUG Tech 2013 conference in Manchester this week.

A few things that help:

  • Increase memory (google “JDeveloper memory”, lots of instructions on various blogs)
  • Don’t work in Design mode when building pages. I’ve had much fewer crashes when adding components on the Source tab
  • Whenever JDeveloper crashes, take the “Save and exit” option. Sometimes this does not lead JDeveloper to shut down – in that case, manually save all files and restart JDeveloper. If you just take the “I don’t care, keep running” option, your crashes will become more and more frequent.