Ostrich mentality

When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills

It seems that Nikon is squarely in the wall-building camp. Original batteries for all kinds of stuff are expensive, leading to a thriving market in compatible third-party batteries. But since a modern camera is more computer than camera, it is easy to program it to simply reject third-party batteries. Apparently, this is what Nikon just did to a number of its customers via a firmware upgrade.

There has also long been a simmering war between printer manufacturers and third-party ink cartridge and toner manufacturers. The printer interrogates a chip in the cartridge to ensure that the user is using original supplies, and the third-party manufacturer reverse engineering the communication to build his own chip.

The time when you could build a wall around your product or service and control your customers is long gone. Do you want to go the way of AOL, Nikon?