How many stars do you need?

The latest Michelin Guide is out, and Copenhagen added another two stars for a total of 15 of the coveted Michelin Stars across 13 restaurants.

In order to reach the exceptional level of a Michelin-starred restaurant, you need to have an absolute world-class chef. And he (almost invariably a “he”) needs a good team around him.

However, most development team does not need temperamental world-class artists. For independent software vendors, who can sell thousands of extra copies of exceptionally good software, might make sense to enter the fight for highly-paid top-level talent. But most organizations are building in-house software that needs to be functional and user-friendly, but not necessarily compete with Facebook and Amazon.

You need a team of competent craftsmen and the ability to call of top-level talent when you need it – to review architecture, mentor your team and solve difficult problems. But you don’t need to hire your own stars.