Can you keep up? Nike couldn’t

Nike have been producing the Nike FuelBand for a couple of years, but have recently thrown in the towel. I own a Nike FuelBand and have enjoyed the fact that it’s pretty unobtrusive (just a matte black rubber wristband until you press the button).


I’ve found that the gamification aspect – you are this close to your daily goal, shown with little colored lights – worked well for me. There is a sync feature with an iPhone app and a web site, but it is seriously broken, registering random numbers every few days.

Nike tried to be “cool” and get into the wearables space, but their organizational DNA is to push out a million identical running shoes. They have sensibly retreated to their core competence of marketing and you will probably see some Nike branding when the iWatch eventually comes around.

When you decide to develop or use a piece of technology, you need to think about whether your organizational culture will support it. In a conservative organization, you do not want to deploy the latest technology. On the other hand, if you are a university and your users are students, sending notifications by e-mail is not the way to get your system accepted. Are you using technology that fits your organization?