Take Self-Absorption to New Lengths

Observing tourists around me, I’ve noticed that the regular selfie doesn’t cut it anymore. The essential travel accessory for the modern self-absorbed traveller is a selfie stick:

Of course, the whole selfie concept is the opposite of a traditional tourist snapshot: Not “see what I saw,” but “see me”. But while you are at it, why not make yourself a spectacle while you take the picture. Hence, the selfie stick.

The picture is pretty much the same whether taken at arms length or at arms length plus two feet, but then a better picture is not the point of the selfie stick anyway. The point is to make people look at you – both on social media and while you are snapping the picture.

In the age of social media, people want to be seen and heard, and will go to ridiculous lengths (about two feet) to achieve that. Do your IT systems have social media features? If you don’t offer them, you are missing out on a lot of potential user engagement.