The Internet of What?

Gartner has just released another iteration of their classic “Hype Cycles.” They are up to more than 100 different topics now, but one interesting graph is one is the one for Emerging Technologies.

Source: Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2014

I want to comment on a couple of points from this graph:

  • Internet of Things as peaking – completely agree. Everybody is talking about it but what do we have? An internet-connected smoke alarm.
  • Big Data is moving down from the peak – disagree somewhat. Big Data is still mostly talk and very few success stories.
  • Cloud Computing is in the Through of Disillusionment – I don’t agree on that one. Many organizations are successfully using cloud solutions today

The IT business is producing buzzwords at a dizzying rate and you need to be able to peer through the fog to find the solutions that make sense for you. Make sure your organization has someone keeping a lookout.