Don’t Make it Easiest for Your Users to Leave

My bank just sent me a whole stack of papers to fill in, supposedly necessary to fight money laundering. The funny thing is, the bank already has all of this information from when I opened my account. But won’t just ask me to confirm my info – they insist on sending me blank forms so I have to dig up various legal documents to find registration numbers etc. The result is that I’ve decided to switch banks – since I have to do the paperwork, I might as well do it at another bank in the hope that they are more customer-minded.

In enterprise IT, you are facing the same situation today. Your users can defect to a cloud service any day if you insist on making life difficult for them. My bank is stuck in the mindset that the customers have to put up with whatever the bank asks. Too many IT organizations still have a similar mindset. But times have changed, and IT departments that don’t listen to their customers will become extinct. Don’t be a dinosaur.