Don’t Try to Solve it Alone

One of the members of the Danish Oracle User Group was facing a difficult technical challenge. They wanted to tap into the collective wisdom of the user group, so we set up what we call a mastermind meeting. Lured by an interesting challenge (and the offer of beer and food afterwards), a number of experienced developers showed up. The problem was presented, and the group suggested and discussed solutions. It was magical to watch how each idea triggered the next, until we had come up with an excellent solution we were confident would work, as well as a workable fallback solution.

If you are faced with an important decision in your IT architecture, do not try to find the solution on your own. Even the best and most experienced IT architects do not posses a magical quality that allows them to always deduce the ideal answer. The quality of your decision grows exponentially with the number of knowledgeable people you involve. Gather a small group and discuss your challenge – you will find that the group together will come up with a much better solution than any one member could.