Put Your Parents in the Cloud

If you’re going home for Christmas, you will probably be asked to have a look at your parents’ computer. If they are not already set up for cloud services, make sure you spend a few hours getting all their stuff into the cloud.

For organizations, there are many interesting and relevant discussions to have before deciding whether a cloud-based solution is right for you. But for private consumers, it is a no-brainer that all their data should reside safely in the cloud.

Several people I know in my parents’ generation have had their laptops stolen or lost them due to fire, flood or other calamities. Most of these were not set up for cloud services, which meant that irreplaceable vacation photos as well as important documents and emails were lost.

I’ve set up my parents with

  • IMAP mail with their ISP (they used to run POP3 which placed all mail locally on the machine)
  • Microsoft OneDrive for documents and photos (they run Windows and the generous 15GB limit means that a free account is enough)
  • Google Play (for their music, which did not fit under the 15GB but easily comes under the 20,000 song limit for free Google Play account)
  • Norton 360 for antivirus etc

Make sure you give the gift of Cloud safety this year :-)