Clueless in Seattle – How Amazon Doesn’t Get Mobile

Have you bought a book from Amazon on your phone? Unless you’re uncommonly persistent, you haven’t. The reason is that Amazon is clueless about the mobile use case.

This is how it works:

  1. You hear about a book in some way (social media, email etc)
  2. You open your Kindle app, but you can’t buy books there
  3. If you really want the book, you download and install the Amazon app in the hope that you can buy the book there. No luck, you can’t buy e-Books through their app (!)
  4. If you really, really want the book, you open your browser and navigate to the Amazon website. Which promptly tries to redirect you back to the app (where you can’t buy books, remember?)

Buying an e-Book is the obvious mobile use case: Happens on the go, should take less than two minutes. But Amazon is so blinded by their previous successes that they believe their website and their proprietary devices is enough. It isn’t.

Some organizations do need a mobile app.