Technology Tunnel Vision

I have a favorite presentation that I have been giving at user group conferences for many years. In this, I compare different development tools so IT managers and developers can make an informed decision.

It’s always had a hard time getting onto the official Oracle OpenWorld agenda, because it is about several tools. OpenWorld Conference slots are allocated by track, and each track manager has too few. Therefore, they will only take presentations specifically about their product.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing the same tunnel vision spreading to user groups who should know better. The IT community is fragmenting into separate silos of knowledge with few people with enough knowledge to compare tools.

Technology Tunnel Vision

I just received another rejection letter for my tool comparison from a user group, so I’m happy to point out that the UKOUG Tech 14 conference did not suffer from this, and gave my APEX vs ADF comparison a slot on the APEX track.

Are you one of those who only know one tool? Make a resolution to learn something new in 2015.