Let There Be Light

Visiting some friends this weekend, I took my bike. This being Denmark in winter, it was of course pitch black as I was driving along a bike path around 5.30pm.

But where I was, there was light. Ahead of me, I could see light posts glowing softly, but the two right ahead of me were shining at full power. As I travelled, lights kept turning to full power ahead of me, and back to an energy-saving soft glow behind me.

This is technology that fits – unobtrusive, intelligent, and helpful. And what makes this possible is cheap sensors and computing power. Whatever you are doing, think of how you could improve it if computing power, memory, networking and sensors were free. Because that’s where we are going.

For more on intelligent lighting in Copenhagen, read http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/09/business/energy-environment/copenhagen-lighting-the-way-to-greener-more-efficient-cities.html