Little Big Data

I just hear someone from IBM talk about how they are analyzing posts on their internal social network to gauge the attitude of the employees. With some claiming IBM is about to axe 112,000 jobs, I think I can guess the result.

Automated sentiment analysis is an interesting area, and Oracle is doing something similar with their Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring service.  But what struck me about the interview was that the engineer said “this is Big Data.” When asked, he admitted that he was analyzing only about 3 millions posts.

Sorry, IBM, 3 million records is not “Big Data” – most organizations generate more records every day.

But the misuse is telling – everybody is slapping the “Big Data” buzzword on everything they do. There are very few true Big Data projects out there, and fewer still that produce business value. Are you considering a Big Data project? The odds are 20:1 against it producing any business value.