Breathing: You’re Doing it Wrong

“Breathe, Joe, breathe.”

I’ve noticed some clear body language in the IT people arround me when they have to wait for something. They might be waiting for their code to compile, for the result of a code test, for a database result or a million other things. And what happens is that people impatiently tense up and start to breathe quicker and shallower. You should breathe slower instead.

There is a lot of science that shows that good breathing has myriad health benefits and a lot of people who will help you breathe better. Most people don’t breathe properly, but if you work in IT, you’ll have many opportunities to practice good breathing. Every time you wait for something, concentrate on your breath and breathe deeply.

Maybe some day we’ll all be wearing self-trackers that will gently notify us when our breathing becomes shallow and ineffective. In the meantime, use any computer-generated delay in your day as an opportunity for a good drink of oxygen. Delays are good for your health if you use them wisely.