Consumerization of Purchasing

Last year, a total of 720,000 Android-powered wearables were sold. Last Friday, Apple sold 957,000 Apple Watches on the back of their very strong fan base. It is OK for people with disposable income to spend $349 or even $599 for an Apple Watch that will be obsolete in 18 months. But most people should not consider paying $17,000 for a gold-plated one.

We’re seeing strong consumerization in IT where it is now consumer products that drive much of the innovation. We’re unfortunately also seeing consumerization of purchasing, too. This is where organizations buy cloud services on the basis of emotional appeal, disregarding proper vendor evaluation, ending up with expensive and obsolete technology.

Everybody can see that buying a $17,000 gold-plated Apple Watch is a questionable purchasing decision. Make sure your organization is not making equivalent IT purchases.