Engineered Systems for the Rest of Us

There are 10 types of people in the world – those who understand binary numbers and those who don’t.

The group who understands binary numbers can be sub-divided into two groups:

  • Those facing the challenges of running real-time analytics against terabyte databases while handling millions of transactions per second
  • Those who don’t

The people in the first category get lot of attention from Oracle Sales and Support, and don’t need much community support from user groups etc.

However, most of us fall in the second category. We are faced with more mundane tasks and don’t have a business case for buying expensive top-of-the-line hardware. However, we can benefit from smaller engineered systems like the Oracle Database Appliance. Because these systems are cheaper, we get less attention from Oracle and depend more on community support.

It can be hard for a small user group on its own to deliver the detailed information their members need about products like Oracle Database Appliance. But if Oracle could make demo systems available online that user groups could book time on, we could leverage the power of the user groups for the benefit of the entire Oracle community.