Amateur Night in the App Store

When I was a young programmer, we had something called testing. We really needed that, because the cost of releasing a new version was high, sometimes involving someone manually going around to individual workstations to perform setup that could not be centralized and automated.

It seems this discipline is forgotten in today’s App Stores where you can just release another update if the last one was buggy.

Case in point: The DayOne app. I’m using this for my daily journaling, and it’s a nice app. Except when they release a version that has only been tested against the latest iOS version and they flippantly admit that if you are running something earlier than 8.2, the application will crash.

Testing is a software engineering discipline and no professional tester would have released something that had not been tested against older operating system versions. If you want your IT department to be take seriously by the business, don’t roll out untested software.