Think Before You Start

The other weekend, my Triathlon club was hosting one of the events in the Danish Championship series. As you might expect, there is a lot of stuff to prepare in a sport that requires a swim route, a transition area (T1), a bike route, another transition area (T2), a run route and finally a goal area. I was part of the team preparing T2 where participants change from bicycling to running. For that, we needed to set up a lot of these yellow barriers and link them together:

Triathlon barrier
 I was on the left side (where you notice a double barrier). We finished before the other side even though we were fewer people and had twice the amount of work. Why? Because we took one minute at the start to find out how the barriers hook together. The other side just started working, and had to life each element to hook it onto the next.

A great many things can be done in several ways. Before you start, take a moment to reflect on what the consequences of each way is. You’ll save a lot of time.