Rate Your Vacation

I’m just back from vacation (where I did check email), and maybe you are too.

If you’ve booked your vacation online, chances are that you will be deluged with requests to rate accommodation, restaurants, travel websites etc. These ratings are not important, and you can do them if you like. But one rating is important: Your own life score during your vacation.

As I describe in my upcoming book The Spiritual Programmer, I think everyone should rate their life satisfaction regularly on a scale from one to ten. I call this the Life Score, and rating also applies during vacation.

Your Life Score might be high or low during your work week, but it should definitely be high during vacations. The Life Score scale goes to 10, and if you are not rating your vacation days at an average of at least 9, you need to stop and figure out what’s wrong. Coaching and mentoring IT professionals, I’ve seen many reasons this score is low – business you didn’t manage to finish before leaving, relationship issues, or simply taking a type of vacation you don’t really like.

If your vacation doesn’t score 9 or above, figure out the reason so your next vacation becomes great.


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