The Cost of Running Abandonware

Are you running software that is no longer supported by the original vendor or developer? You’ll be in trouble sooner or later. This kind of software is known as abandonware, and running it incurs both big risks and high costs.

If you write or purchase and implement a software system and then don’t maintain it, you will experience an initial cost and then a stable plateau where the software doesn’t cost you anything to run. However, sooner or later you cannot make your abandonware run on new operating systems or new devices. At that point, your cost increase dramatically as you’ll be desperately looking for rare and expensive consultants to keep the system running.

If you decide to keep your software up to date, you will have an on-going cost, but it will be predictable and yoo won’t suddenly be down because of an automated Windows update.

No professional manufacturer would run machinery for years without maintenance. But mysteriously, some IT organizations think that their software will run forever without maintenance. It won’t.


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