Achieving IT Enlightenment

An enlightened person is someone who sees things as they really are. Unfortunately, most IT departments are a long way from being enlightened. Their perception is different from their reality.

Actual vs Perceived Complexity

Some people actually have rather complex requirements but think their situation is simple. The Danish tax authorities are on the brink of throwing away a multi-million dollar system for collecting debt. They assumed there were 10-15 collection types, but have now identified over 400. These people build on an inappropriate foundation and have to perform expensive re-engineering when the system meets reality.

The majority IT organizations are in the opposite situation. They think that their business is absolutely unique and nobody else in the universe have ever faced a situation quite like theirs. These people implement huge standard systems like incur a high cost in licenses and IT resources needed. At the same time, the systems are too heavy and get in the way of the users.

A few people do have an accurate understanding of their requirements and implement appropriate technology to support their processes. Are you one of the enlightened ones?


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