Escaping Notification Hell

How many electronic devices are you carrying? Surveys show that most professionals carry two or three, and with the rise in smart watches, increasingly four devices.

The problem with this plethora of devices apart from the need to keep them charged is that all of them have notification features. And most people are not nearly diligent enough about disabling notifications, landing them in what I call Notification Hell.

Notification Hell

Most users leave notifications at the default settings, giving them way too many notifications on all devices. You need to turn down the notification level and vary your notifications by device. You pay more attention to very personal devices that you always carry, so they should notify you very rarely. You watch should hardly ever notify you, and your phone only rarely.

You can allow your tablet and laptop more notifications because the usage situation is different; you have decided to sit down with your tablet or laptop for a longer session. Additionally, they have more screen area and better input capabilities to handle a larger list of items.

Escape notification hell – it’s totally within your power.


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