Flexible Security

The apartment where I stayed in Venice has an impressive lock on the front door with four large steel pins going into the door frame.


The most interesting detail of this lock, however, is that you can decide how much security you want. If you just close the door, the latch will catch and the door cannot be opened without the key. If you turn the key once, the pins will extend a little bit into the frame, adding security. If you give the key another twist, the pins extend further, until the maximum security setting of four key turns. You can trade convenience for security, depending on how you perceive the threat of burglary while you are gone.

Most organizations have only one security setting in their IT systems. They implement a firewall to protect from outside threats and leave it at that. However, many threats come from inside. Analysis of the most serious security breaches in the last two years show that most are initiated by hackers using social engineering to convince insiders to break good security practice.

True security comes from a layered and flexible defense, not just one piece of networking kit. Can you give the key an extra turn in your organization?