You’re Better Than You Think You Are

We’ve all met people who are not as good as they think they are. But more people are better than they think themselves.

The Oracle ACE Program

ACEDI’m an Oracle ACE Director. That title is the highest level in Oracle’s ACE program for independent experts on their technology, and there is a little over a hundred of us world-wide.

As with all programs of this type, some people are not part of the program and believe they should be. These people are very vocal in their criticism, claiming the program is rigged against them in some way. Sometimes, their criticism carries over into personal criticism of the people who are part of the program.

I don’t care what these people say. However, I’ve noticed that some members of the program worry a lot about what others might think of them.

Impostor Syndrome

Sometimes, even very accomplished people exhibit exaggerated sensitivity to criticism of their skills or achievements. Psychologically, this is known as impostor syndrome or “the fear of being found out.” Sufferers worry that they are not as good as others think they are, even in the face of massive evidence that they are world-class experts.

Improving Self-Esteem

If you suspect you suffer from just a tiny bit of this, I recommend you start writing a success journal. This can be an app or a physical book, and you write down your successes every day. You might have solved a difficult problem, received thank-you comments on your blog, had articles published or been accepted to speak at a conference.
Every week, read through your success journal and enjoy your successes.

If you’re good, you’re good.